dogs temperature question

I go on an annual duck hunting trip with college buddies. A field bred golden comes with us, and she has a neoprene vest that she wears for warmth. Last year when we got back to the house it seemed a few different nights that she was shivering. We couldn't tell if this was because she was cold or she was excited to be out in God's country retrieving ducks. It was around this time of year, air temps were in the 30s-50s and there was no ice on any of the wetlands yet. These were not all day sits, usually a morning hunt followed by scouting and then an evening hunt. I am very into bird dogs and although she is my buddy's I often tend to her and that is why I'm asking. I'm looking at ordering a dog thermometer but wondering about opinions and advice from the long-time bird dog owners on this site. Field bred goldens are absolutely beautiful, I think of her all the time.


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Ive had a couple of field Goldens. Was the pup indoors when you got back to the house? If she was wet or damp and outside its possible she was cold but if inside then I would highly doubt it. In my experience, I cant remember a time they got cold. Their feet froze up under some conditions.
I’ll be searching for another field Golden before too long.
Good luck


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Well I hunt mine when the temps hit below zero in 60 foot of water and don't think twice about it. He would kick my ass if I got him a vest. He loves the icecicles hanging off him. But I would never put him away wet and when the temps drop below 32 I keep them in after a hunt.