December Pheasant Hunt?


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Anyone heading out for the late pheasant hunt?

I'm going to try to head out this weekend to some public land around me.
Ghost birds of Michigan

9th to the 13th going to take four days and explore Jackson and Hillsdale co's. Will be on public land. First time I have explored theses areas. haven't shot a wild MI pheasant in a long long long time hope to at least see some hens. Last year drove from the Benton Harbor area all the way over to cass city in the thumb for a day never saw a thing.
State land birds are hard to find and lots of pressure. If your up to lots of walking you can find an opportunity, if your lucky. Check out the HAP lands sometimes they don't get hit as hard.
im in pretty good shape plan on pounding the ground hard for two days and if I'm not satisfied I will head up to the thumb or maybe try Saginaw or Gratiot counties havn't been there yet either. years ago used to get a few birds around berrien and van buren counties but gave it up around here in the early 2000's started doing south Dakota trips Iowa and Nebraska. a few years back gave that up and started just going north for grouse and woodcock but the last two years I have wanted to get a wild pheasant or at least find some.
Son and I hunted the thumb area Tuesday, pointed one hen saw old tracks in snow but that was it. Hunted about three hours. Sad to say but seeing the lone hen was a successful trip.