crop harvest


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I came back from SE corner of the state on Monday and saw only 3-4 standing bean fields and they had just started taking out corn. Combines working in about 40% of the fields of standing corn. It was definitely drier than the NE part of the state.
Thanks for chiming in Marn! That's good to know.
I hunted NDin the beginning of October-the northern side of SD was pretty wet at that time. I couldn't believe the amount of ducks I saw in ND-I'd imagine they are all over in Sd by now.

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Anyone else been through Mitchell to Sioux falls? How far along would you say the corn harvest is?
Don't know about Mitchell.
Around Salem, they didn't get any corn planted anyway, so it's a moot point.
Sioux Falls & north to about Arlington.....seemed like maybe 40-50% as of Sunday.