cost of pheasant license

there was a question asked in another post of why Iowa charges like a $140 or a little more to hunt? good question seems high , i agree. and the poster went on to say it is way more than other states? what do S. Dakota charge and what are the limitations? i know that N Dakota was around $100 a couple of years ago, and i think you could only hunt 14 days, i know duck was this way. also curious if any one knows along with S Dakota, how about non resident licenses in Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas. or any other state. thanks i really am interested in knowing, i m sure i can go on line somewhere and find it.


Dakotas are roughly 121 for 10 days (SD) and 121 for (ND). Nebrasaka is 97 i believe with a 25 habitat stamp and I think Kansas is just over 97.50. Kansas and nebraska are season long.


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Iowa is high because in order to deer hunt you must also have the small game license. It is another way to increase non-resident deer tags without increasing the deer tag itself. Non-resident deer tags are in high demand.
With the nonresident fee increase, Iowa also instituted a short-term (5 day) nonresident license ($90 with habitat stamp).

When you think deeply about it, it was a stroke of genius. Someone likely did the math, determined that many nonresidents hunt only a weekend or so, would pay the $90 and be unaffected by the fee increase. On the other hand, deer hunters and dedicated nonresident pheasant hunters may complain but will pay the increased fee.

They have instituted a fee increase which will increase revenue with minimal loss of nonresident hunters.

While I did not like the increased fee, I did pay it.