Conditions in Redfield


Report from local seed seller and customer combiner in that area is that even fields that drain into jim crick are still mostly unworkable due to saturated ground. Lots of standing water in low areas that would have dried by early Oct. Might keep you out of some locations but cover is everywhere. No ditches mowed, dirty rows in crops as they couldn't spray after planting, feed grassed left to grow that couldn't get cut. Apparently the land has reverted back to wild in one season.

All those conditions brought a healthy hatch so bird numbers are way up in that area. Mid-winter they were asking that we maybe only take a couple birds each rather than filling out since the weather was so brutal and they were worried about any left but after this summer all they are saying now is good luck finding them in the jungle.


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Without aggressive efforts and herbicide applications native plants and weeds win almost immediately.
While not good for farming, it sounds like the conditions will be great for the birds. I hunted the Redfield area from 1999 thru 2016. I finally move to hunting Kansas because the bird numbers around Redfield were less and less after about 2011. A part of the reason was mowed ditches, fence rows gone, swamp areas drained, trees cut. I sure hope things improve. I would like to hunt there again in the future. It's a great town with great people!



Redfield area had a couple bad springs in a row after 2011 with local hail a couple years, spring flooding rains and then a couple years drought. Locals have been working some new lease holders in the area to stop some of the early season ditch mowing as they are firm believers as I am that this is the prime factor in bird numbers. Last year we did OK in that neighborhood northeast of Redfield where it had always been really good action and this year they have about double the birds according to local guides who know the coveys so it is coming back. For most of the past years since 2011 we have to go pretty far away to the southeast and northwest from Redfield to get into the best numbers but still an easy drive to hit great hunting.


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This all sounds good for birds...finally! I imagine the same is true for many of the surrounding communities also. I'll be in Tolstoy in a few weeks.