Collar advice needed please.


I'll keep it short/sweet.

1- upland hunting.

2- 2 labs. 1 field breed who is sensitive to shock collars. 1-3 level is more then enough. The other lab is about as hard headed as they come, he needs a little more juice.

3- what I'm looking for:

A) two dog shock/vib collar. One remote.

B) a collar that can easily and quickly switch between dogs.

C) that can hold a memory of two different settings ( like I mentioned one dog needs more juice then the other )

D) waterproof.

What I don't need:

A) GPS ( not really necessary because they are never more the 50 yards away from me ).

B) cost is very important to me like to keep it under $300.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

PS anyone looking to hunt south central PA. look me up.

Thanks, Dave.


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I've used SportDog products for a LONG time. I have no complaints, always felt I got more than my money's worth. I first bought an 1850; lasted me 10+ years of hunting. When I had the 1850, I sometimes put 3 dogs down at once. The toggle switch finally quit on me and by then SD wasn't doing repairs.

I bought a 425 last year; been working great. I have decided I can't really watch more than one dog at a time in good pheasant cover so the 425 is fine with no toggle.

It has Tone/Vibe/Stimulation. The way I train now, I use the Tone as a "come" command. I use Vibe as "you're making a mistake, pay attention to me" and I use Nick for "stop that right now". I really haven't had to use continuous stimulation. I'm only running one dog at a time now.

If you are putting both dogs down at once using the 1825 if you buy 2 collars you can toggle between dogs. You can have Continuous on the top button, Nick on the lower and Vibration on the side button for each dog.

The 1825 from Gundog Supply will cost about $290; if you don't want to switch collars back and forth the two dog setup is $430.

As I said, I've had no problems with my SD equipment. I think they are priced right and last a long time.


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DT Systems H2O 1810 PLUS

I run the DT H20 1810 and they work great and have great range. Adjusting the level of stimulation could be a hassle but I would guess all you need for the softer dog is vibrate anyways.


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Garmin 550 Pro
Buy two colars and switch between black and red for example. Has vibrate, 21 settings for juice ( my PP is a 2 medium or high ) light and tone.


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I just upgraded to the Garmin Sport Pro. I had the Tritronics Sport Basic before. I upgraded because of the added light mode and bark limiter. I've had it 2 months and it is a big upgrade from what I had. It has the tone and vibrate modes like the 550. My dogs react to the tone and I rarely have to use the E modes. I agree with sloth that you could probably use the tone or vibrate mode on your easier dog. The remote is small and easy to use. Great buy for me.

I was thinking about the Alpha but it's a big collar for my 40-45 lb GSPs. I know they make the small but I didn't want to have to charge it every night. I also didn't think it would completely replace my Sport Basic like the Sport Pro did.