Chukar mystery

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Had a Chukar in my pen act odd, 100 in the pen, indoors, plenty of room, clean.

He was on his back, and couldn't right himself. Seemed very healthy, nothing broke.

When I would try to pick him up, he would flap across the pen on his back, very lively.

I removed him, just wondering if anyone has seen this, or knows what it might be.

Thanks, Maven
Ive seen them do this after they fly up and smack their head real hard on the pin. Not disease if he's moving well on his back. Kill it and grill it. Or the others will eventually kill it.
We are in our first year of no birds. We had quail, pheasant, and chukar. We didnt want to have two different breeding/brooding areas so we went no birds this year aside from a handfull of chukars at a different location for training pups. Why? We were advised that every 5-6years or if there is a disease present to clean things out and let it set for two years. We have bleached out all indoor flight areas, johnny houses, food and water pans, etc. We didnt have problems but we did have some peacocks die. 9 of em. It looked like bird flu type symptoms so we went ahead and started the two years this year. Never had problems with the chukars. I did have some pheasants do what you are saying but it was from them hammering the rafters head on when i went in to catch em. If you have a breeding license you can call the conservation and they will send out a biologist at no charge. The vet may not know.

Pheasant Maven

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Thanks Whisperer,

They keep dying one per day, makes me think that should be a big clue.

If it was a disease, I think several, or all of them would be sick.

We buy the Chukars, breeder said it might be stress related, they seem extra nervous, skittish.

We have 40 in another pen, different farm, same batch & no problems.

Vet friend said sounded neurological, but admitted he's no bird man.

Boss isn't worried, we are going to use them up as quick as we can.

Thanks for the replies.