Chukar Forecast 2022/2023 Season


NDOW , Nevada Department of Wildlife just released their forecast for Chukar and Huns. Overall it looks very promising, surveys were performed across the Northern tier of counties in Nevada. I was up in some of those areas during nesting season (scouting for big game) and then again a few weeks ago. For Nevada it was greened up very nice, both Spring trip and latest. Lots of grasshoppers for the young birds. PDF of survey is available on the NDOW website. Rains continuing here in Southern Nevada which will help the Quail population as the desert greens up.
Have a friend who helped with the survey. She said really looks good. Have to hunt higher elevations if adequate moisture. If it dries out stay low in the canyons.
I am planning a hunt to Southern Idaho for Pheasant/Valley Quail late October (depends when the corn is harvested) I used to work between Boise and Twin Falls and know that area well. After a few days there, back to Nevada and hunt NE Nevada for Chukar and Huns. Glad to hear you had a friend in on the surveys, what I saw last Spring and Late August concurs with their surveys. Taking my oldest English Setter 12 yo Kyla and Five year old Kimber who is going into her prime. Three of us in the tent camp..