Chelan Lake


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My grandparents have some land around the chelan lake area and according to washington fish and wildlife, there is upland bird hunting in that area. Has anyone had any experience in these area? I appreciate the help. I am finding it very discouraging to hunt in this state, it's unfortunate. Do I need to convert to waterfowl?
Find out who your state wildlife officer is and ask him for some imput on your land. They do sometimes know and will give you some good information
we used to hunt some chuckar and quail up that way, but we went uplake by boat and would hunt the draws. Pretty good at times, but we never got into pheasant too often up there. never hurts to ask around in the area, typically the farmers will just say yes or no, but don't usually ask for cash...but who knows in this economy. Not sure if the yakima indian res is still allowing hunting there, but we did ok at times there also...quail, pheasant. Good luck but going to wash from SD is quite a change in the bird numbers.
I appreciate the information very much. I have a boat so that will not be a problem. I Plan on asking local businesses and ranchers to get the best opportunities. Have you hunted any of the release sights or anything cockrocker? Any recommendations on where to go for pheasants?
hey 605, I hunted a release site once for about 10 minutes and then got the hell out of the warzone. most of my pheasant hunting was in moses lake or down south in the dayton area, but the access is getting harder and harder as habitat gets plowed under, drain tiled, and turned into money making land for the farmers. I'm not currently living in wash, so I don't get out there but my buddies still do and said it was a tough year this year. just don't be shy, ask...ask....ask and you will find a few honey holes that will produce. personally I would rather hunt all season for one wild bird than get caged birds at a release site but thats just me. how abouts we plan a trip next season to your old stomping grounds.......huh:thumbsup::D!! I just hit SD in 2011 for my first time and loved it!
Anytime you wanna hunt in sd I am always down to go and there is no fee for the land we would be on. No caged birds there either pure wild. Where are you living now? How bout thee chuckar and quail at chelan you think it will still produce?
hey buddy, living in texas but am currently in Nebraska working for a while...or at least until their upland season ends:rolleyes:!! I imagine that the birds are still there as the spots we hunted uplake are only accessed by boat. you can hear the chuckars chucking and then just pick the draw you want to hunt and have at it. also try a bit east of chelan and see what good habitat you can find, then ask around and maybe you'll get lucky. Brewster area has alot of wildlife, my buddy lives over there, I'll call him and ask about the bird numbers and let you know in the net few days
I appreciate that man I'll owe ya big time. I make a trip up to Nebraska every year for a hunt we will have to go sometime. If you are ever near SD too let me know I can set you up with some land to hunt
Never hunted around Chelan, but there may be some advice locally. Page 33 of the hunting regs provide last year's harvest status. Grouse & Chukar #'s are reasonably high, Pheasants lower. I tend to hunt Grant county, the Basin, & points SE from the Tri Cities. Good luck!
I appreciate that man I'll owe ya big time. I make a trip up to Nebraska every year for a hunt we will have to go sometime. If you are ever near SD too let me know I can set you up with some land to hunt
I hunted east SD and everybody said it was very bad, but I had a great time and only ended up 3 birds short of my limit for the 5 days and hunted with an unproven dog so it was good to me. My cousin is in school in Brookings so that is why I went there and would go back, but would love to try a different area also. what area do you hunt there? I will try to get some info from my friend over there for you ok