I have the itch to get a Brittany for primarily pheasant hunting. Have always had flushing dogs, mostly Labs. at 76 I'm thinking a pointer might save me some unproductive walking. Love puppies but that would give me one less year to hunt her. Like to get a 6 month to 6 yr old female from hunting lines. Not against a trial washout. Possibly a well bred dog that needs to be re located due to family or moving. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks MUCH.
My last 2 Brittany's came from field trial stock that , these 2 girls were good dogs but didn't run big enough for their handler , these little dogs have some of the best bird finding ability I have seen and cover plenty of ground for me .

A Brittany will keep you young !!!
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I'd look at Nevene Kennels out of Illinois, I've had 3 Britts from this kennel all dogs have been good hunters and family members. They do have started dogs for sale occasionally. Good luck and you can't go wrong with a Brittany!