boot dryer

Ranger Rick

I have one from Cabelas and love it. Wish it had arms for gloves/mittens. I use mine for my Danner and Rocky boots. Nothing like getting up to hunt on a cold morning and your boots are warm and dry. I was told by a boot dealer that it will ruin the slipon Muck style boots, though.


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I have a Peet that I've used for several years. Never a problem. I don't leave boots on them for more than a few days.
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I have Peet portables in my boots every night after hunting and they are ready to go in the morning. I use them and the original Peet at home.
Off the top of my head, I am not sure what brand mine is. I don't think it's anything fancy though. Works great and I use it all the time, almost everytime I wear a pair of boots now. I have a pair of Danners and I don't think it ruins the leather at all, my uneducated opinion is that it probably helps the boot? My most worn boots are 2 different pairs of Mucks, and I have not noticed years worth of the boot dryer damaging them at all. I wear Muck chores a lot in the summer doing yard work and in the fall hunting, and put them on the boot dryer almost each night. Wear Muck Arctic Pros in the winter ice fishing and what not, and have also not noticed any damage.

I've never left a pair of boots on for days. Usually just plug them in at night and unplug them the next morning, and they are always dry and warm.


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I've got the Cabela's "deluxe" boot dryer that has a couple short tubes for gloves. Works great, I usually wear Cabela's Whitetail Extreme boots in the snow and mud, it will dry them out overnight just fine.

EDIT: I just looked at the Cabela's website, they no longer carry the dryer I have. Go figure.