Black Lab Male Ready to go!


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RattlinRidge's Waterboy "Bobby".--We have a started BLM ready to go. He has earned his AKC Junior Hunting Title and passed his first leg of his Senior Hunter. He's a very nice boy and has been hunted over this year on pheasants. Contact Joan at 509-961-7827. He is a full brother to MPR Rattlinridge's Bronco Bill MH (sire of 4xGMPR Griz) This boy will hunt until the cows come home.
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Joan has been hunting Bobby steady on wild birds since the Middle of December. He gets it and goes day in day out without tiring.
We're located in WA. Joan has taken a couple days off hunting and will be around Thursday and Friday. She is the breeder/trainer and will have all the info you would need. She can be reached by phone or text at 509-961-7827. You can email her at
She'll be leaving again Friday night to head to our hunting trailer to finish out pheasant season and will not have email but will have cell coverage.
Bobby got a grand slam today, two roosters, two Huns, and a quail. The last four weeks of hunting hard on wild birds has really brought his style up to a real gun dog. He is pointing pheasant and quail with style. Joan had six of the pups from these line receive APLA titles last year.