Bird sightings

Glad to hear there are still a few birds in Livingston County. That is where I shot my first wild bird. Dwight, IL in1976 to be exact. Hunting was terrific! We had a few farms and always shot a few. Man I miss those days with Dad. Stopped hunting there around 2000.
My son and I finished out the season by hunting on private land in Livingston County, Illinois. Over there (I'm from Indiana) there is little cover in CRP. Most of the land is flat to undulating and the cover, such as it is, usually amounts to ditchbanks and continuous filter strips, with occasional small, lost pockets of waste ground that is non-tillable. We hunted just such cover today and saw 5 roosters and about the same number of hens. We got two roosters--my son made a fringe hit on the first one and I must say my 3 year old yellow Lab Newt did a fine job in tracking the bird at least 150 yards before pulling it out of a weedy cattail ditch. The dog flushed bird #2 and I shot it at about 15 yards. Worked hard for these wild birds and that's ok. After two weeks of terrible weather, we were fortunate to see as many birds as we did. Ended the season on a positive note.
That sounds just like Iroquois Co. It's all ditches and small patches of cover. The ditches that have some good cover along them can hold lots of birds.

My buddies went out last week Mon 1/2 and in the place we kicked up 20 birds they said they saw 70 and most were cocks.

The best spot I ever hunted was a 10-15 acre patch of thin stuff. Didn't think it would hold birds but it did. Probably 300 and also had probably 50 rabbits. Incredible. That was near Cissna Park may 7 years ago.