Bird sightings

Getting some good reports from Iroquois Co. Lots of birds being seen. Buddy saw upwards of 25 along a road near Buckley and several groups of a dozen N. or Milford.
Drove down to Ashkum along I-57. The combines were out picking crops, and I saw 4 pheasants between Herscher and Ashkum. Another guy we were going to eat with was coming from Watseka. He likewise reported seeing several birds along the road between Watseka and Ashkum.

The other thing I would say is if you live along the I-57 corridor that Beans & Barley in Ashkum was a nice surprise for a a small town place. Incredibly well thought out rebuild of an old "Hen House" restaurant that was kind of mind blowing frankly, and the food was pretty good, and they had a nice selection of craft beers.