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Hi guys- my name is Josh Smith and I'm an almost lifelong Kansan and would call myself an amateur pheasant hunter- getting out about twice a year. Myself and 7 other guys are going out Saturday, and I wanted to pick the brains of some of you lifelong hunters on when to Hunt what kind of cover. In my experience on an average day you do well starting out in grass and move to feed for the rest of the morning. After lunch, what do you suggest? Thanks ahead of time and good luck to everyone on Saturday.


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If you are hunting public , consider what the pressure is doing to the birds / you might find them in a cattail slough .

I like looking for out the way cover , a plumb thicket and some fire weed back in the middle of the section . A low spot in the field that is weedy that couldn't be farmed because it was to wet .

I have seen them stay in leafy Milo all day long , loafing cover is often a weed patch , plumb thicket near crop field , mild weather you might find them in a pasture that has a bit of cover .

Send us pics from your hunt , best of luck !!!
Welcome! I normally find them in thin cover after around 11 AM but all the above suggestions are good. Sometimes a pheasant will stay in the corn stubble or cut milo all day, just when you have it figured out, you don't.


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my 2 cents... Hunt the stuff no one else wants too. It really depends how hard you want to work. If you are hunting public, fight your way through the nastiest, thickest areas you can find. Have a couple guys on the edges, hunt with the wind in your face and let the dogs work(if you have them). :cheers:


I would hunt feed the first 2 hours in the morning and the last two hours of the day. The rest of the time hunt grass/weeds adjacent to the feed. However if you happen to find birds in good thick milo stubble they could be in there all day. Be adaptable. Another good possibility is tall wheat stubble with volunteer wheat in the bottom. Good luck!


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What they ^ said. And, oh, don't unload your guns until you have walked all the way back and are ready to open the car's doors. :D

Be safe, have fun.


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In this weather they could be about anywhere. I remember one opener when the only people shooting birds where doing it in pastures. And I wasnt one of them.


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And, oh, don't unload your guns until you have walked all the way back and are ready to open the car's doors.

Truly remarkable how often this is true. I sometimes think the best way to hunt almost any animal is by unloading your gun, stopping to eat or drink in the feild, texting, or peeing.


I usaually hunt CRP the first two hours. Love thick milo stubble and have some of my best hunts there. Since I hunt by my self 99% of the time I also do well in water ways of you can find ones that are not mowed. Also never over look thick wheat stubble.