Bird reports


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Anybody got any good bird reports for/from the east side? I am seeing quail most everyplace I go, but I have not seen any pheasants. I hope some of you are doing better than me................Bob

Just got back from WWWay S.E. oregon on an antelpoe hunt. No chukar, no quail, no pheasant. We did see lots of sage grouse.
Those reports make me sad. It looks like another year of hunting for the love of the sport and to give the dogs some exercise............Bob
If the pheasant numbers are anything like the numbers of grouse I'm not seeing after the 1st 4 days of grouse season..... then we're in for a poor pheasant season.
I've only been home about the last 2 weeks this summer but I've seen very few pheasants around my house or in the couple of trips I made west of Spokane to fly fish last week. As a rule we have lots of birds around my house and the country I fished last week has good numbers as well.
I have seen several broods of very small turkeys the last couple of days while grouse hunting, so hopefully we have some late broods of upland birds out there as well.
I hope you are right on the late hatching of chicks. I got a new pup I want to get a pheasant or 2 with........Bob
I just got back from deer hunting in the Palouse, and there is nothing good to report from there. The cover is real thick this year, so maybe it's hiding the broods, but in talking with the land owners that does not appear to be the case.
Went out to do a dove/steelhead trip and saw about a dozen pheasants out by ringold. To top it off, it was on feel free to hunt land! The roosters didn't have hardly any color, and were abnormally SMALL. Looks to me that it was a late hatch, at least for that family...
With the cold spring we had and cool summer, I think we are going to see a lot of late hatch birds. At least I hope and pray that is so........Bob
The county mowed a field by my house Thursday next to a patch of cattails, and last evening there were 17 or 18 pheasants between the cattails and my neighbor's feeder. Three were adult hens, and the rest were all young, and very small birds for this time of the year. I really could not tell roosters from the hens. That's the only place I've seen any real numbers of birds (pheasants) here in Spokane County.
I also spoke with a rancher friend that I hunt on in the south central part of the state that told me in the last week or so he has started to see quite a few young birds around his home. He said there was a 2nd hatch, and that looks what happened here around the house.
This week I'm going to run my dog and scout around on at least 2 or 3 of the ranches I hunt in Whitman County. Last season I took it easy on most of my places closer to home with the hope the numbers would be better this year. My trip, the week before last in that area didn't look very promising between what I didn't see and the ranchers I have spoken with.
My gut feeling is I'll be spending a lot of time on the road if I want to get into many birds, pheasants or quail this season.
Thank you for the report, It does offer some light at the end of the tunnel.......Bob
I was out and for the Quail opener in Eastern WA. I saw no Quail. I did one spot with 2 Pheasant Roosters and 8 Hens. Boy that made my blood run warm. One of the Roosters flew just right, A perfect dream shot, Oh man come on season.........Bob
When is Pheasant season in eastern WA, I thought it was from end of October to Jan?
Or am I understanding the WA Fish and Game wrong?