Better than last year in the SW


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I was out in the SW for a four day weekend and the hunting is much improved over last year. It must have been above average in precipitation this year because the cover is in excellent shape. A lot of waist high grass and good looking crops. Most of the corn and sunflowers are still standing which makes the hunting more challenging. I suppose the farmers are hoping for it to dry down a bit more before harvesting.

We shot a couple of quite young roosters, but most of them were mature and nicely colored. Last year it was almost all roosters from the previous year. Those were much more likely to be grouped up and all flush wild. This year we could find singles and count on one or two holding tight. The rooster to hen ratio was much improved too due to all the young birds.

Hoping the weather stays relatively mild so I can go back for a late season hunt with friends after Christmas. Maybe Santa will bring me some new boots to replace the no longer waterproof ones I had this time. :eek:



That is great to hear, thanks for the report. I am headed out around the Lemmon area later this season for the first time. Looking forward to the trip.