Bartlein Barrels


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I just wanted to give a report on my rifle barrel experience with Bartlein barrels... I was in need of a new Barrel for my 30-378 Weatherby as I love to shoot and accurracy was diminshing this year after years of service and around 830+ rounds down the tube.. For this powder burning cannon, that is about right for barrel life. Actually it is the throat that gets the wear and tear and not the actual rifling of the barrel.. Anyway , I contacted Mark B at Bartlein Barrels and we had about 2 weeks of talking via E-mail discussing options and services. Mark was absolutely great.. Put up with me and my questions that I am sure most Smiths would of just blow me off.. Sometimes 4 or 5 e-mails a day between us.. Today I pulled the trigger on a new SS 30" tube with the 5R rifling with a 1-10 twist..They will contour my barrel, flute it, thread it for my existing brake, chamber w/thread and ream, and True everything up...It should be a excellent barrel knowing their history..I won't be carrying it very far with a 32" W/brake barrel, but if I shoot this one out it is only 310 bucks to cut a little bit of the breech and rechamber and still have a long tube..26" barrel is just a little short to burn all the powder this case holds and I was not getting the full capabilites of the caliber..Kudos to some of the best customer service out there. I don't find this kind of service too often in the industry..:thumbsup: