Bad news about Northeastern Michigan Chapter SCI banquet


New member

Not only did the Northeastern Michigan SCI chapter pull the annual banquet from the struggling city of Alpena and move the banquet to Traverse City now the chapter is allowing online bidding on the auction items. The few members that will follow the SCI banquet clear across the state from Alpena to Traverse City will now be forced to pay a inflated amount for the items on auction during the banquet. Why did I/we bother to buy the $100+ ticket to the SCI banquet when we could have stayed home with the rest of the WORLD and bid on auction items for free on the internet. First the NEMSCI chapter moved the annual banquet from poor Alpena to Traverse City claiming the reason was that Delta airlines was going to not service the Alpena airport. Well guess what Delta Airlines continues to service the Alpena airport. The whole thing makes me sick the last time I checked Traverse City was not in northeastern Michigan. SHAME on you (Northeastern Michigan SCI Chapter) for pulling the annual SCI banquet from struggling Alpena and allowing online bidding on auction items!!! In these hard times many members/myself were looking forward to maybe getting a good hunt at a fair price well that pipe dream is gone being they will be bidding against the World Wide Web. You won’t be getting my money next year.