Back to the basics


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After getting skunked yesterday, I made a change in my hunting plan today.
During my baseball days, the phrase" go back to what got you here " was given to a player in a slump. That meant, do the things that you did that allowed you to have success in the past. So today, I went back to my 20 gauge and worked small areas only. I ended up with two roosters. I'm a better small area hunter and my 12 gauge starts getting heavy at the end of the day.

I have a few hours to hunt in the morning than back to Las Vegas. So thankful to have fulfilled a long time desire to hunt pheasant in SD. It did not disappoint.

Blessings to all my fellow rooster hunters and have a great Thanksgiving.


Yup, change it up and stay mobile. What happens in SD, stays in SD. Glad you had fun and warmed up your barrel. SD is a great place.