AZ Upland hunter


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Way back in ‘98 the dog and I took off in early November and went up to Edgley, ND for a week of waterfowl and pheasant hunting. Now many years later, I’m finally retired and am going to make the trip back up there. This time will be a leisurely trip pulling the 5th wheel, with the wife and 2 dogs, Boykin and Lab. Been dreaming about this for a long time.
North Dakota is still welcoming and good bird chasing ! Don’t know that town but hunt western no dak every year! My highlight trip of the year ! Congratulations
South west no dak seems IMO to not have much beyond local water fowl. There is plots which is state funded walk in upland . Depending on year and nesting and crp locations, can have excellent sharptail, and pheasant hunting. My experience has been hun hunting lately , very poor. Southwest does seem to have lots of no trespassing signs.
Although the pheasant hunting in the Minot country will not be as good ! Incredible waterfowl opportunities, as it seems to be on a major flyaway. As of today in no dak. Unposted lands are accessible to walk in hunting. Possibly that legislation is changing????