Awesome Texas Panhandle Pheasant Hunt


I had another great hunt with Tim Ballinger last weekend. Tim is an agronomist out of Dumas, Texas who has about 40,000 acres under contract. He runs a guide service during hunting season and takes people out almost every day.

It was just Tim and I hunting on the 19th. We limited out by 12:15. It would have been sooner if I hadnâ??t missed a couple birds earlier in the day, ha! I had a chance to work with Timâ??s new German Shorthair Pointers, Lutz and Brie. Brie made a beautiful point for me on a rooster in some knee high grass. Her retrieve was classic too.

The birds were thick but we still had to work for them. These are all big wild birds that are tough to bring down unless you hit them well.

The next day three other groups arrived and we hunted together to cover some of the large fields and split up to cover some smaller areas. The guys I hunted with were great shooters. It definitely wasnâ??t safe for a pheasant to get up within range, ha!

Here are a few pictures. Timâ??s camera had â??technical difficultiesâ?� so he didnâ??t get any pictures out in the field.




Iâ??m taking a small group back right after New Years.

Merry Christmas to all!