Anyone interested in hunting Phillips County private land Nov. 12th thru 15th. ?


Hi Guys, I am bummed that neither of the gentlemen I met on this site last year can get away to hunt during the week after opening weekend. Opening weekend is too crazy for me and as I'm retired now, I can get away during the work week. I am fortunate to have access to some nice private lands in Phillips County, but without a bird dog any longer, Its hardly worth my time to make the trip. So, If anyone with a dog(s) is possibly interested, send me a PM and lets get together for a "meet and greet" and determine if we could stand each other's company on a pheasant hunting adventure. I live in Lafayette and stay out at the Golden Plains motel in Holyoke while hunting.


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I'll be out there on the 15th (just me and my dog). I always stay at the Golden Plains as well.