Anyone hunted around Charles Mix county?

Just spent 3 days in that area and all other counties bordering it. Crops are coming out, obviously behind an average year but I wouldn't say "cancel your trip, too many crops in." Very very wet, some areas I have hunted before are completely under water and look like lakes, some areas are inaccessible due to flooded roads, some areas are like a maze to get to a spot - go down a road for a 3 miles, road closed, try this route, road under water, try this way - same thing - before you know it you have zig zagged 10 miles and keep coming across dead ends. Just like a maze. I have a tough time saying bird numbers are down - lots of birds in ditches along roads, I would argue more than I have seen before in this area. Hunted a mix of public and small pieces of private. I'll post a bigger report in a different thread. Overall, it was my best or 2nd best 3 day trip since I started 2 doing trips a year in 2012.
I am also interested on boots on the ground reports from Charles Mix and Douglas counties. My crew will be out there Dec 1-6th.