Anybody hunting?


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Any reports from the last couple of weeks? Looks like it's going to be pretty warm for the end of the season.


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Hunted public land yesterday with 4 guys and only 1 dog... Moved 7 coveys and bagged 11... Scenting conditions got worse as the day went on... Has got pretty dry


Hunted western public last weekend. Moved plenty of birds but was warm and definitely getting dry. Two of us killed 11 Saturday. Should have killed 15 or 16. Lots of running. Singles were tough.


Found a place close to the KS border and west I'm going to try - license bought, hotel booked and will finish packing tonight. Farmer says if I dont have my limit in 3 hours there is something wrong with me. We shall see.

Closer than driving to the grasslands by Texas.

First out of state hunting adventure. Wife is not happy I'm going alone but could not find any takers. :cheers: