Anybody hearing quail these days?

Living in NW Oklahoma and walking the back roads 6 days a week w/my 11 month old GSP, I have heard them whistling on occasion this summer, but have not seen a young covey as of yet. I agree that last year was a bust, but so has been the past 4 years compared to years gone by. I'll be in the fields working my dog later in September in prep for Nov. hunting will know then, but have a bad feeling about this year also.
Quail season is just two Saturdays away!😌 Does anyone know about anything about the new WMA that is opening up this year, over 5,000 huntable acres in Woods county? Just curious if there are
huntable Quail populations or is it more for Turkey and Deer hunting?
Hunted the new (this year) Sandhills WMA near Aline, Ok yesterday AM. Saw 2 coveys but only got into one and went 1 for 3. Only hunted approx. 1 hr. It was to warm and lots of sand burrs. Probably a total of 7 pickups w/ hunters and dogs. I was encouraged knowing how down the Quail population is this year. Lots of trees & native grasses, just over 5,000 acres to hunt. The grass was knee to waist high.
Hey fellow Okies! I’m new to this forum. I’ve hunted wild Quail all my life and at the ripe old age of 56. I pounded wild birds NW all this last season. They’re spotty but they’re around. Couple WMA’s but mostly private property with grain. Pheasant were on the uptick as well, but spotty. Gotta find water and food.
Very little compared to years gone by. Did hear Quail calling when I arrived at church Sunday, rural setting. Maybe 100 yards away and another one responding some distance away. I also got into the mix and we had a trio going. Ha .
Hey dead end,
I also live in Northwest Oklahoma and have hunted quail extensively for years more than I like to admit. What county are you located in, I'm in Blaine Co.
Also, hunted pheasant 20 days at Drummond flats this past hunting season.