Any Quail this year?


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I know this is a pheasant site and I'm happy to report I've found some decent pheasant in SE Washington but I'm sorry to say that the quail hunting has been the worst I've experienced. We have seen more habitat planted in some of the areas where we hunt and we have seen the pheasant improvements. For that I am thankful. I'm just wondering if others are experiencing the same low numbers as well. I truly enjoy chasing those little buzz bombs, I'd hate to see numbers fall way off. I have not seen one good covey this year.

We've found a couple of big coveys up in the Kettle Falls area along the Columbia river, I'm pretty new to the area but this is the most I've encountered in the last four years, they are fast becoming my favorite bird.
We got into our first covey yesterday and harvested two. I was just excited to see a covey somewhere! I chased them but they quickly flew across the creek into thick cover. Again, this is the poorest quail season I have seen. On the flip side, I've harvested and seen the most pheasant in many years. Enjoy your quail they are my favorite game bird!