Almost Bought A New Shotgun


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I was in my favorite LGS yesterday and in checking the used rack, I spotted a familiar shape. It was a Winchester M-37 in 16 gauge. When I was very young the only shotgun we had was a M-37 in .410. I hit pheasants with it, but seldom knocked them down or found them. I wanted a 20 gauge so bad, but I did not know we did not have the money for such a luxury.

I own numerous shotguns now, but was very tempted to buy the 16 gauge and take it to SD just once.
Sounds like it would be a walk down memory lane, I spent quite a bit of money on my dads boyhood model 12 20 ga that had the barrel cut off where it was cylinder bore .

When I cary it brings back memories of days gone buy , worth the money I spent on it .


If the price is ok for you, buy the gun. I’ve missed some good gun opportunities because I thought too long about them.