aberdeen/ grays harbor area hunting


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Hey folks, new to the site, haven't hunted in a few years now... Sold my shotgun, but
I'm about to get my new hunting rifle from ARP in 6.8mm.
I know this is a "pheasant hunting" board but I'm trying to find a couple people to go yote hunting with me, in the aberdeen wa area. maybe other varmints if funds allow a trip to the dry side.
I don't have any game calls or anything to call them in so that would be a big plus if you had calls I could look at and hear, so I can make an educated buy.

Thanks Joe
Joe welcome to UPH. Give it A little time as The boards are a little slow this time of year. Sub state forums are often over looked this time of year. The veiws are probably lurkers and not Members. :) I suggest you post an Introduction, In the intro forum at the top of the board. Then people will know A bit about you. Hope this helps.
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