A Few Firsts

The first week of pheasant hunting has not disappointed. My 22 year old daughter decided to hunt this year for the first time. Today she got her first birds. Our puppy is six months old and provided her first genuine solid point yesterday. Today, my wife captured one of Willow's many solid points. Willow also had her first retrieve yesterday on a partridge. Today she made her first pheasant retrieve. She must have been tired of watching her 3 year old sister retrieve bird after bird to me. We are looking forward to several more months of quality time together and some more good hunts. I look forward to seeing my wife get her first bird (she also started hunting this year). I love seeing the puppy progress and continue to learn from her a sister Ellie.

Makensy and I.jpegWillow On Point.jpgWillow Retrieve2.jpeg


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Mission tonight was a success. My wife and I ran out for a quick walk with the dogs. We spent an hour on a couple tree rows and she finally got her first pheasant. Awesome feeling for both of us.
Congratulations to your wife on her first bird , which dog got the bird work ? The pup or the ole pro ?
They both locked in on her bird. As I closed in to flush, the pup had all she could take and leaped forward flushing it. She wasn't quite fast enough to make the retrieve though. We walked over to a slough right after that and the Willow got her chance tracking a wounded bird and retrieving that. We ended with four and my wife had several more opportunities leaving some for future seed. It was a gorgeous evening.