2022 Season


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With just a few days until the 2022 opener I wanted to start a thread. Post all your pictures and stories. The weather this weekend is looking good for the opener. Anyone have a recent crop report? I won't be getting out for the opener this year. My group decided to skip the opener and go the second weekend. Good luck to anyone heading out this weekend.
Here is the most recent USDA crop report as of Oct 3. There is another one due out today. The Oct 3 one shows 29% of soybeans harvested and only 5% of corn harvested. I imagine those numbers will be up a fair amount when today's report is released. As I was driving around obtaining permission on Friday in Central MN, a fair amount of beans were out but virtually no corn had been harvested.

Seems like I’m the south central area the beans are pretty much gone. Most of the corn is still up though.
I drove around scouting some over the weekend. This is the first brood I saw, the birds were identifiable for the most part, as two ringnecks ran off the road on the left side of the picture. The second brood I saw was very young, I couldn't tell the difference in gender. I also saw one old rooster pecking along the edge of a beanfield in the last shadows of morning. Before I could get a picture he melted away. I'm hoping if the dog puts some birds up I get some easy ones with color and a cackle! I guess the one good thing about prairie chicken hunting is it really helped me with identifying not only chicken/pheasant but also I got to see a lot of pheasants and try and pick out hen/rooster just for fun. I think it'll be a lot of really young birds this weekend. I'm gonna try not to shoot any with eggshell still on their head. These birds pictured were on private land, and I didn't talk to the landowner. I did talk to two landowners and got some permission to hunt their farms, although I'm not sure what to expect there. A couple nice spots, but also a lot of really thin fencerows. I plan to start the day on public ground, I found a new spot and it looked really good. A lot of grass and thistle plants, which have been good in the past. Good luck everybody!
I was really surprised by the moisture (or lack of) from county to county. Some creeks that are typically 2 - 3 feet deep were totally dry. 30 miles farther down the road, the creeks were running full.
cant wait to go out; my 8 year old will be walking with his BB gun and my old man will be joining on a all public land weekend. We have a 1 year old PP I'm nervous and excited to hunt with along with a seasoned 12 year old lab. I'll be hunting them separately, I'm still trying to decide which one to hunt first. Good luck to all
I just want to say you're welcome to everyone heading out this weekend for the opener as the weather is looking nice and cool for once. I decided to skip the opener because in the past it's usually warm and crowded. The crowds will still be there but boy does the weather look great.
Good Luck to All! Should be a fun start to the year and good dog walking weather in the field! Hoping to find some older birds this weekend and get the dogs some action. I'll report back!
I saw this one on Monday. Do you think it's a rooster? Looks like a little red around the eye. Good luck and enjoy the hunting everyone. Let's all be considerate of others this weekend and have a safe and memorable hunt.