2021 season stats

Bob Peters

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I'm a little hesitant to publish these stats, as last year I took a little flak for amount of roosters taken and also for counting hen flushes. But I realize that thick skin is a good quality in life and that most pheasant hunters have more success than I do. Enough rambling, here goes:

Days hunted 23

Flushes, these are birds seen flushed while hunting, and include any bird I could identify, so pheasants jumping at 100 yards I counted(any wild flushes). I did not count birds I saw while driving.
Roosters 120
Hens 153

Misses 13, this includes one bird that dropped a leg but flew off, one that got away due to a jam, and one that was hit, landed, and when I ran up with the dog he flushed again and my action was open as I didn't reload thinking he was a goner.

Bagged 9 solo just me and the dog
10 birds bagged by others when hunting with others

lost birds 5
All of these birds were hit pretty good. 2 got away in a really soggy cattail creek on the same day. One I believe ejected his tail feathers as was eluded to on a different post on this site. It stunk to loose all of them, but I've realized if you do everything in your power to find them and they somehow escape, there's no reason to beat yourself up. Wild pheasants are miraculous birds and survivors to their core. Give fair chase, maximum effort on a retrieve, and a tip of the cap when they elude you.

A few random pics from the year. When you have a retriever, it's so tough to tell, what does she like more, chasing roosters, or keeping vigil over a marsh waiting for some ducks to drop into the decoys? Thanks you guys for this great website, I can't wait for next year chasing game with a good bird dog.


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I'm always interested in how other hunters do, especially the ones that hunt in MN like I do. Good work Bob.