2019 habitat improvements


About a month ago I bumped a ~15 bird covey on our farm. The birds were fairly small, yet big enough to fly off.
Then I got this trail cam pic which made my day!

Been doing a lot of habitat work:
Killing off fescue/brome
Increasing the width and diversity of waterways
Planting elderberry, grey/roughleaf dogwood, false indigo shrubs from MDC
Cutting cedars and dragging them into an area of the farm void of cover
Planted strips of milo along the crop fields and in an idle area around a pond

I have another 150 shrubs coming from MDC in March, going to try black chokeberry (Aronia berrys)

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daboone major props to you my friend! That is so awesome to see!!! I bet that made your day. Good luck to you this season and I'm glad to see your hard work is paying off. If you mind me asking what county in MO is your farm?


Thanks Chris, it's always good to see results(bird sightings) from time/money spent on habitat work!
Plus, to me weeds/wildflowers look a lot better than rank fescue.
Its in Daviess county.


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Great job and like the movie said if you build it they will come. We hunt near Amity not far from u and there was time when the numbers for both pheasant and quail were great then plummeted. So we started burning the crp and discing the edges and put strips of milo in along the waterways. It took about 2-4 years but now its as good as ever.