2018 spring/summer conditons


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Does anyone have any reports of seeing birds and broods?

Nesting conditions for the norther part of the state seemed to be much better this spring compared to last spring. It's been wet this week. Too wet, but beside that things have been looking good.

There's been a few reports of bird sightings and roosters fighting-it-out in fields this past spring. No reports of chicks sightings yet, though at this point they're out there. One gentleman mentioned for the first time in a long time he can hear roosters cackling within the habitat on his family farm.:thumbsup:

How's central Illinois looking thus far?
Weather was a little wet in May in parts. I don't have pheasants in my are but quail. Cover looks great but I haven't been out to see any birds.


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Cover in central il. looks good.Low lying areas have had standing water but the crp looks awsome this year.While roading dogs 4th of july morning the dogs pointed 4 young of the year pheasants about the size of small chukar.Must have been an early hatch in the area.Have not seen birds along the gravel roads though.