2 chukar challenge events scheduled

Clay Ridge Hunting Preserve located in Northern Michigan is hosting 2 Chukar Challenge fun events this year. Last year we had our first event and it was a great success! everyone had lots of fun and we met some really great people so we are adding a second. The dates for the events are August 10th and October 12th. They will consist of 2 man 1 dog teams, there will be a 20 minute time limit per run and there will be 4 planted birds. Points will be awarded for criteria met. You may enter more than once with the same dog or enter multiple dogs. The whole family is encouraged to attend and participate. The entry fee is $100 per run. prizes will be awarded for the top 3 places. A complete set of rules, info and applications can be sent upon request.

email questions to englishsetterguy@hotmail.com