16 ga. no-tox


Just a heads up on finding no-tox for we 16 gaugers. Nick from Backridge Ammunition will have ITX shells in 6 weeks or so in 4s and 6s. Nice Shot has 2s and 4s for sale now. Just need to find Kent Bismuth in 5s, and Rio Bismuth in 4s or 5s. I’ve been using Fed. Heavyweight 7s (2 3/4in) in my 20 ga. in no-tox areas but would be nice to use the 16ga., as well.
You can order Kent Bismuth from Cabela's. I used the Rio Bismuth a couple of years ago and it was pretty effective. (12 ga, #4's) But be aware that the Rio bismuth runs a size small. I recovered a few pellets from birds, and they were definitely not #4's.

I opened up a Kent Bismuth shell last year, 16 ga, #5 and the pellets were the exact same size as a Federal Pheasant's Forever 16ga #5 shell.


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Where are you seeing Nice Shot in stock? I checked their web site and it says bulk shot is back ordered. I loaded this for my 12ga Sterlingworth a few years back, then couldn't find it anymore.
At $39.60# not sure that would be the route to go anyways, seems like quite a bit more than last time it was available (not sure when I last bought though). I liked it better than ITX10 but price gap is getting wider.


I’m seeing boxed shells for sale on the Niceshot website, but the bulk shot could very well be backordered.