“Do it all” Rod & Reel recommendations


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Recently my boys are REALLY into fishing. (8 & 4 years old). Last summer I took them to the damn at State Park and they had a blast catching little dinks. Well now we have a few more places to fish and I’d like to get a nice rod and reel. What do you guys suggest? Mainly pan fish and small mouth bass and walleyes in the area we have been fishing.

I’m not a fisherman and didn’t grow up in a fishing family so maybe my request of a “do it all” setup is unrealistic.
I’ve had these two recommendations so far:

Fenwick HMG 6′ 6″ Medium Light & Pflueger President XT

St. Croix Ultra & Shimano Spinner


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What style of fishing are you primarily doing? Seeing you mention walleye I'll answer based off an assumption of some jigging going on. My go to jigging rod is a Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye rod with a Shimano Sedona 2500 reel. I've never used the HMG but when I checked one out at the store it felt nice in my hand. I will say, the Elite Tech is a very fast action rod. Plenty of backbone for big fish, but it's designed mostly for finesse fishing, jigs and such. I wouldn't run a crankbait with it just because it isn't designed for that. But if you do alot of jigging, it's a great choice.

I have Shimano Sedonas on 3 of my rods and love them.

I don't have any experience with Pflueger reels or St Croix rods so can't help you there.