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  • Hey man, I saw your posts on ultimate pheasant hunting. I have been hunting out west for a few years now, several years in southeastern Montana, a couple in North Dakota and last year hunted Nebraska on a couple different trips. Last year my goal was to bag a prairie chicken, this year I am wanting to possibly scratch sage grouse and chukar off my list. I was just wondering if that would be possible for a couple guys with 5 or 6 decent dogs to do on a week long adventure in Wyoming. I live in Kentucky so the farther east in Wyoming the better for me as far as travel goes, but I realize I have to go where the birds are. Thanks for any insight in advance. My name is Taylor Clayton.
    Hey Wyo, my name is Taylor and I am a bird hunting addict like most of the rest here. I am currently on my way home from Nebraska. I was able to get the Nebraska slam on my trip. Finally getting a prairie chicken. Next in my bucket list is a sage grouse. Gonna try next year to possibly make it out to find some. Was just wondering if the area around Sheridan would be good for sage grouse, Huns and sharpies. A mixed bag is always fun and exciting.
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