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    Ammo Cabela's Mitchell

    Anyone been to Scheel's in Des Moines or Sioux Falls? What's their ammo supply at present?
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    Weight of labs and golden retrievers

    I have a 13 year old chocolate Lab that hunted hard for me up until the last 2 years; his average weight was 75-80 lbs. and he was really a swamp-buster. Had a good nose on pheasants and was a great waterfowl retriever. His legs are giving him trouble and we won't be hunting him this year. I...
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    Pheasant Draw/IPLA Hunts

    Since 1990 I've been drawn about 5 times...(that's over the last roughly 30 years, really not that great!) and the best hunt by far was the first one in November 1990; we hunted the DENO property SW of Goodland; that 80 acres was crawling with birds, spooky as hell! Fun though. Got drawn last...
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    Cheap lead shells

    I got an e-mail from South Dakota Game Fish & Parks this evening that I found a bit ominous; the e-mail addresses the upcoming opening of pheasant season in SoDak and, among other items, urges hunters not to leave home without an adequate supply of shotshells, and I quote "Don't rely on local...
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    New upland shotgun?

    I've used both the 12 and the 20 on pheasants but frankly my favorite gauge is the 16. My 2 favorite 16's are my (new version) A5 Browning and my Merkel 1620. Both are in the 6 lb. weight range and both shoot 1 1/8 ounce #5's or 6's nicely. If I had to choose and use only one shotgun for...
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    Beretta A400 20 gauge extreme

    Thanks CDG--if you don't mind, can you tell me how much your A400 20 gauge weighs? The specs say 7.1 lbs. but weights do vary. Is yours a 26" or 28" barrel? Would appreciate this information
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    Beretta A400 20 gauge extreme

    Has anyone purchased the 20 gauge camo version of this gun? If so, how do you like it? I'm thinking of getting one with the "kick off" feature to lessen the recoil. Would appreciate feedback from any owners of the 20, or 12 gauge for that matter.
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    Thoughts and Opinions

    If you can avoid it, don't sell. Guns, over time and if well cared for, have a way of holding their value. Besides, in the future, who knows how hard they're going to make it to get a new one? The A5 Sweet 16 is my favorite go-to bird gun, even for close-in ducks. Hard to beat the light weight...
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    Training Differences?

    That is a logical statement, Lab. I've had several dogs, all males, none neutered. I figure, how would YOU like to be neutered? We hunt near a lot of swampy places, bust cattails, hunt ducks near muck ditches and generally just seem to wind up in some very inhospitable places through the...
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    16 Ga Prairie Storm Price!

    Years ago I bought a 4 pack of 12 gauge Prairie Storm for what seems like a bargain price now, maybe $75-$80? But now I mostly shoot 16 gauge in the A5 Sweet 16, and the Remington 1 1/8 ounce load of Express #5's or #6's work fine. But I did break down and buy 1 box of 16 gauge Prairie Storm...
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    Anyone finding any 16 ga Shells

    I saw 3 boxes of 1 ounce Federal Game Load 16 gauge shells at Wal Mart yesterday for $9.13/box. At a different Wal Mart in South Bend IN today, saw a box of Remington 1 1/8 ounce #6's in 16 gauge for $16.99.
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    16 Ga Prairie Storm Price!

    Back in August I was able to find a box of the 16 gauge Prairie Storm for $32.99 at Cabela's in Mitchell SD....still way high but I'm anxious to try them on this years' birds--at that price, hope I can make every shot count!
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    Luckier Than Usual

    Got lucky this evening and won a Pheasants Forever Sponsor gun--a CZ 1012 Bronze 12 gauge semi auto. made in Turkey by Huuglu. I didn't get much chance to handle it, got to do the paperwork and I can pick it up Tuesday. Anyone have one of these guns? I don't know much about them but believe...
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    Pheasant loads

    Just got home from the local Wal Mart where I found boxes of Winchester Super-X 16 gauge, 1 1/8 ounce loads of #6 (which will drop any bird we deserve to get)-they were selling for $13.76/box. They also had Federal 12 gauge hi brass #6's for $12.44/box. I also bought 3 boxes of Winchester...
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    You seem pretty specific in your specifications; don't think I'd measure up....:sneaky: