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  • I've used Steve's off and on for at least a decade and my old man for at least 20 years. They definitely do a good job but like Cokid said, their prices have gotten increasingly higher in the last few years (what hasn't though?) especially for steaks. In my opinion, for a small critter like a doe, the best thing to do is butcher your own cuts and then have them (or another processor) make your burger and sausage or specialty stuff like jerky and summer sausage. I am addicted to their jalepeno jerkey. I like to get suet from a good butcher shop and mix it 80/20 venison/suet for burgers. I'm happy to come down and hack at it depending on what you decide to do. Should be pretty tasty!

    I think this is your profile. My name is Adam and I met you at SPI a few weeks ago. I didn't save your cell number when you called the other week so thought I would reach out through the site. Let me know if I got it right.

    If I did how was Pheasant hunting in NE?
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