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    What hunts are you planning for the upcoming season

    I’ll start with blue grouse in New Mexico or Colorado , probably make it up to Nebraska for sharp tails/ chickens in october. Hopefully I’ll get to make a bunch of runs up to the Oklahoma panhandle and Kansas for pheasants. My dream hunt is Huns and chukar but I don’t think I’ll have the time...
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    Blue quail?

    Was thinking of making a combo hunt phez and cotton tops out around Elkhart. Anyone have any info on them numbers wise. Don’t expect to be covered up just wondering if it’d be worth a try.
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    Moscow Idaho ?

    I have a buddy who has a job in that area, actually Pullman Washington. What public bird hunting opportunities exist?
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    Are there Huns in South Dakota.

    I was wondering if there was a possibility of getting into some Huns in South Dakota?