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  • Sorry, just saw this message for the first time!

    Thanks for the info,

    We are looking forward to it.

    Yes we go drawn and hoping to find some ducks. We have a few first timers and just want to be able to put them on some decent numbers.

    Got 2000 acres possible private access but mostly will be public.
    Hello upland, Htown Texas here. You will enjoy Mobridge. We did that area one year and had a blast. We stayed along the river at a fishing cabin and hunted right in the backyard. River was low and we hunted around it quite a bit on mostly public land. Did you get drawn for your non resident waterfowl license? You will be close to ND also and they start pheasant hunting at sunrise. We hunted both states. Waterfowl is over the counter in ND but I'm not real sure what there is around there hunting wise. I don't believe I'll be in the area at that time but if I was, I'd definitely try to meet your group and get some good coon ass cooking. Have friends from Abbeville and New Iberia and spent lots of nights over that way. Always enjoyed the food and the people. Good luck and if you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask.
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