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    The locals do it for feed or?
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    I agree but I think there’s less mowing all the time. I always assumed it was from budget cuts with a benefit for wildlife as well. Maybe the far north is different than your area?
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    Habitat stamp Required

    So I guess accountability is key.. show us where the money was spent- directly.
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    Habitat stamp Required

    Why would a serious pheasant hunter Look for a way to avoid buying that stamp which I assume the money goes towards habitat?
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    Porcupine Question

    Wait what did you say???
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    Dog Vest or No Vest?

    My worst fear as I TRY to step over barbed wire... regardless if a vet is along!!!!!!!
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    Pheasant hunting painting w/golden retriever

    I have a bunch. This is one of my favs. Or just create your own
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    fake pheasant

    So you have no use for anything to train other than real birds? Not firing away.. cant we discuss?
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    Did I hear that there was some golf ball hail somewhere too? Happens every year some extent. Just keep it very localized
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    Golden Retriever Breeders

    So what did you decide?
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    To Blue Dog

    Tough times.. been there too many times. Hang in there
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    Brood counts

    I assume you understand that not everyone can get out there at all much less the frequency that you do? It wasnt a perfect science but it certainly helped some guys decide which general part of the state
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    SW Minnesota trail pics05/26/2020

    Those woodies sure are purty! Thx Chuck!
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    Brood counts

    Accurate or not, it was marketing just like they're talking about spending 700k on
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    Dog Vest or No Vest?

    Once you have a pup ripped open from barbed wire fence you're viewpoint will probably change on vest usage. Why are you opposed to it?