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    Recommendations for quail food

    I am looking for some advice about decent recommendations for feed for quail. I have a Johnny house with 8 bob whites in it. The issue that I am having is whenever the feed gets wet from the rain, it immediately gets gummy and moldy. I am looking for recommendations of food that won’t...
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    South Dakota CHAP hunting lands

    Can anyone tell me the rules for pheasant hunting CHAP lands in South Dakota? Are these lands available for walk-in hunting? I've looked at the South Dakota regulations and they appear to be for large game hunting but it doesn't mention anything for walk in pheasant hunting. Any info is...
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    Mud River Kennel Cover need help

    I have misplaced my side coverings for my Mud River Kennel cover. It is a medium sized Dixie cover. Does anyone know if I can get a new set from Mud River or anywhere else. I am leaving for South Dakota in a month and any ideas would be appreciated