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    What's in your vest?

    A couple of the large size Zip Ties are great to have for releasing a dog from a 220 or larger 330 conibear type traps. Much faster than a piece of rope in the heat of the moment when time is of the essence. They can also serve for multiple other repairs while in the field. Just make sure...
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    Dog price questions

    You state that you currently have a golden and that's what you are looking for. If you are not well educated on health problems associated with the breed I highly recommend that you do your homework and don't go into a situation of not asking for all health clearances on both the sire and dam...
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    Older Double Barrel

    I recently inherited from my father a Savage Fox Model B shotgun that was manufactured in the early 1960's. Nothing fancy about the gun or its monetary value but it holds many special memories in the field with my Dad. Is it safe to shoot steel shot through this gun? The reason I am asking is...
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    Wife and I are staying in Gettysburg and hunting north towards the Hoven area. Any good early morning breakfast spots and other restaurants for an evening meal anyone would recommend? An enjoyable part of all of our trips is breakfast at the local cafe and meeting folks. Thanks for any help.
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    Wife and I

    I am looking for some advice from those of you that hunt SD. My wife and I are taking our first trip to SD the week before Thanksgiving to hunt the public grounds for pheasants and introduce a young boykin spaniel to upland hunting. After quite a bit of research we are going to concentrate on...