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    Any preliminary info?

    I have seern more hatched-out nests this year in our CPR than the last several years combined. It has been hot and dry here, that can't be good for them, seeing a few you ones.
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    Canadian Thistles

    Spot spraying, handsprayer 5ml/gal. Have covered most of it now, at least once. Have a corner with several large patch, might have to hire a sprayer for thoses, I am out of time, many are in full bloom now. Going back to patches sprayed a monthy ago, there are a few new ones popping up, not...
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    Canadian Thistles

    Maybe we need to get permission to get a boom sprayer in and do some patches, that coverage would get the residual coverage.....those are in an area that was seeded with native grasses and flowers, they get excited about killing the flowers they provided cost share to plant. I am thinking that...
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    Canadian Thistles

    Is anyone else having a huge spike in Canadian thistles this season? I have been using Milestone for several years, it seems to kill them, although some pactches seem to come back but others patches not. Maybe I am am missing a few in the patches that come back or maybe it is the timing of the...
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    Habitat stamp Required

    Does it ready matter? They say the revenues are for habitat, so now they don't/won't need to divert funds for elsewhere. I would put more trust in PF with my dollars to see hatitat results.
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    Loading Shells

    I started reloading shot shells several years ago, I have been reloading rifle and handgun shells forever (at leat 40 years). Just like others, a nice sence of satisfaction, rolling your own. Nothing fancy, I use Win AA hulls, red for 6s and gray for 5s. Longshot powder and one and a quarter...
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    Plantar Fasciitis

    Super. It sounds like many of us have had this over their years. My heels had hurt terribly, used heal pads, no relief, saw the doctor finally after they both started hurting, had a couple PT visits and used some high arch supports from a running shoe store for a short amount of time. What I...
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    Food Plots

    Re-re-planted over a half mile of 6 row 30" using some old PF seed mix, figured it is getting a little late for corn and if it does grow, maybe the ground squirrels will leave it alone. Decent chance of some rain in the 24 hours, that will help.
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    Food Plots

    Those dang ground squirrels! Not a huge surprise, but they are now digging up the newly emerged re-planted corn! Walked the shrubs rows and located around a dozen holes. Bought 3 containers of "poison peanuts" and put some down each hole. Hope this helps slow them down, getting a little late...
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    Food Plots

    I have used the PF mixed plot seed and it really seemed to get hit hard by the birds. Had to replant maybe 300 yards (6, 30" rows) of corn...I am pretty certain it was ground squirrels (13 line) that have been digging up the new corn plants and eating the seed. Happened in a plot just off the...
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    Solo Hunting

    a single hunter ups your chances of getting premission on private ground substanially. Have a group of guys and your chances won't be good. I know the landowners and most just don't want big groups, even when they know us. Good luck when it gets here.
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    Food Plots

    Planted 5+ acres of food plots yesterday, some corn, grain sorghum and a mix of the sorghum, sunflowers & millet. Ground condition was decent this year (a little dry) but, we received 6.5 tenths of rain last night so I am optimistic for good results this year. Put a little pre-emergent...
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    Anyone burning yet?

    We have most of a quarter in CRP and need to burn roughly a third of it this spring. Timing is going to need to be good with this, a little bigger project that filter strips on waterways. Hoping to have a waterwagon with a pump and an UTV with a 25 gallon tank. Mow around the perimeter with a...
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    Filson Chaps

    I have a pair of Filson Single Tin chaps "husky style 22H", lightly worn. I am not my thighs anyway. Retail at $115, how about $60 delivered for a fast "off-season" bargin price. First "I will take...
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    Season has ended, how were your successes/experiences?

    "Season in Iowa is over" is the sad news, "Less than 300 days until the next opener" is the good news, I guess! The best bird numbers in years and my almost 12 year old GSP still did what they do and helped me put 57 roosters in the pouch. Hunted almost exclusively private properties (close to...