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    Huberds Shoe Grease

    I like all natural on leather and not a chemical based. I use Obenaufs. The grease seems to have more substance than the oil. I like conditioning my boots so do keep them in good condition. I use a first coat with a hair dryer then another coat and put on the Peet boot dryer. I feel the...
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    Let's talk spring turkey hunting

    I'm young to turkey hunting in WI at 66. I've done well on public lands so far however THIS IS MY STORY! I met a gentleman several years ago hunting pheasant in Iowa. We became friends. We shared the same motel for 10 - 12 years. He is now in his late 70's. I mentioned I was going to start...
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    Annnnnnd the hits just keep on coming! Bird Flu!

    I would think the wild birds are exposed to LESS than a pen raised bird when it comes to disease, etc. Interesting thought by Golden Hour about life style and disease. Exposure in my opinion does create immunity. My wife and I remember getting sick in our early years of teaching and after 35+...
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    Has anybody ever tried these shells?

    I shoot Heavy-Metal for ducks and late season pheasant. It has knock down energy at long distance. I like the ammo a lot.
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    Gun Weight

    I shoot a Benelli Montefeltro that fits me. I had a little Fab Arm 12, that was super light and short barrel for grouse. I would stop my swing when shooting that gun. I've found for me, that I can have the benefits of a light weight gun and shoot with better form more naturally if I have the...
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    Grouse/Woodcock vs Pheasants

    I also hunt both. Die hard pheasant so typically hunt grouse in September and then chase roosters. If you love the sweet smell of decaying leaves and seeing NO other hunters...enjoy grouse. If you prefer some action....go pheasant. I do look forward to hunting both. I'll throw in one more...
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    Off season food advice

    JMc, Thank you. I'm going to give that route a try.
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    Off season food advice

    Thanks Weimdogman. I didn't post my question very well. Should have been , "Who changes food in the off season to account for dog not feeling as full. Or something like that. I'm leaning your way. Will see what coat and eyes look like with a change. Quick question for you. I feed at night...
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    Off season food advice

    I apology for the length of what it will take me to put this question out. I feed a 30/20 899 Kcal/cup food all year long. I like the stool size and energy in the season. Where I'm questioning myself is cutting back in the off season. Off-season amount is a little over 2 cups per day/2...
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    RIP Gus

    I hope his best moments surround you for years to come and you're able to have flashes of him on future hunts. Mike
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    Another warm up coming!!!☀️☀️☀️

    This is soooo interesting. I began to rack my 66 year old failing memory bank and I believe it to be true. Countless times a bird "somewhat downed" came back in my dogs mouth with no tail feathers. I would go out in search because I felt it was a nice tail. I would say 100% of the time (and...
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    Home made video recommendations

    I am enjoying watching self made videos on Youtube in the off season and was wondering if anyone had some that they follow and maybe describe a little about the content. I would recommend JCW Outdoors on Youtube. He is also a member on here. Golden Hour. He hunts with a lab. He has very...
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    Another warm up coming!!!☀️☀️☀️

    Nice video A5 and thanks for posting. I enjoy watching what I will call home-made videos, for lack of a better word, of a guy and his dog. The ditch angle was great for the camera to pick up Ace. Good job. I still get amazed how much nerve a rooster has to hold that tight with danger a few...
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    New Gloves!!!

    I officially give everyone permission to laugh at me as you will anyway. I've found in extreme conditions I have trouble feeling my trigger finger as its been froze too many times. Several years ago, at the advice of an old timer I met in the cattails, I started using "wool" chopper mitten...