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  • Hey Tony, crazy as I just got your response on the forum today?!?! Would have responded sooner. Sorry to hear about buckshot...we are all pretty excited to get to hunt over him as we have never hunted with a lab. Glad he's coming along. I understand on the busy part...we are just wrapping up a new house project. We are planning to be in Frankfort late the night of Nov 7 and hunt through the next week.

    Hey Heath,
    sorry for delayed response. All is well, still in Florida, had lots going on this summer. Heading to Frankfort early September. Buckshot is recovering from torn LCL injury. No surgery, but couple months rest, and now getting PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections to aid healing. Hoping he will be able to hunt, he did great on quail in Alabama in Jan/Feb. Hope to get dogs in shape when I get up there. Too hot to do much here except early runs and some water work. What dates are y'all coming up? Hope all is well with you and yours. Look forward to seeing you guys. Tony
    Hey Tony, how are things? Hope you are doing well. I have been reading good things about the prospects for this years hunt. I wanted to tell you thanks on the house hook up, got in touch with Kelli and she hooked us up with the house for our trip in November. Looking forward to catching up once again this year. How is the lab coming along? Will we get to see what it's like hunting with a flushing dog?

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