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  • Kansas cowboy,

    We found a local farmer that charges us to stay in his sons house. His son lives away. He has a section that they lease to deer hunt on. We pay him a small fee to hunt this section. We drive around and hunt WIHA.We try to stop farmer looking trucks and ask directions. We start talking and before you know it we have some more private land to hunt. When we are driving around in the area if we see a good looking piece of ground we call our farmer friend and he hooks us up. The farmers in the area are super friendly and really great people. I think it helps that we are from a faraway place. They can't believe we drove all that way to hunt in the area. I know that we are fortunate and have stumbled in to an ideal situation. I think you just need to spend some time in the area and really get way off the beaten path. The key to where we found birds was cut Milo close by tall grass. One of our best places was a grazed pasture. Hope this helps. By the way where do you live

    Hello nc bird man. I was just reading one of your post and saw that you did very well in north central kansas. I love the town of Beloit and stay there and hunt public land around there every year. But this year i was not very successful and I just thought the numbers weren't there. If you don't mind telling me how did you get permission to hunt on private land? Did you just go door to door or do you know someone there with land. I would love to know and thanks for your stories and thanks for coming to kansas.
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