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    One farmer in SE NoDak got 3 inches. His cousin an hour south in SD "barely got the rain gauge wet".
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    Lake Sakakawea - Grouse

    Is anyone else doing grouse opener around Lake Sakakawea? I'm thinking of renting a campsite on the NE side of the lake, and trying my luck for grouse and huns. Never hunted this far west, or for sharpies specifically, but I'm getting restless and wanna hunt! Biggest worry is heat and snakes...
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    MN grouse hunters...

    I was up in SNF west of tofte. First time ever walking for grouse. I noticed that some old trails/logging roads have pink ribbon or Styrofoam plates placed on the entrance. At first I thought it meant someone was walking it. However I noticed that the same 'markers' were there for a couple...